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About Kyukeiren

Established in April 1961

 Kyukeiren is a regional, integrated economic organization with membership of about 970 companies holding offices in Kyushu and Yamaguchi. Kyukeiren was established on April 6, 1961, to spur Kyushu's economy and unify its business community. The Federation celebrated its 50th anniversary in April 2011, and it remains active under the motto of ""proactive and practical Kyushu Economic Federation.""

Organization Profile 2019-2020

  • Organization Profile 2019-2020
  • Goals

     The Federation aims to devise practical solutions for industrial and economic issues facing Kyushu, thereby promoting Kyushu economy’s overall expansion and well-balanced development. Through investigating and studying issues, closely coordinating with members and related organizations, putting together a fair opinion of Kyushu’s business community and communicating the opinion to relevant parties, we aim to contribute to the healthy economic development of Japan.

    Major activities

     To achieve the above goals, the Federation engages in the following activities:

    • 1. Investigate various issues facing Kyushu through committees, local meetings, various seminars and communication with major businesses and other organizations, and devise their solutions.
    • 2. Put together general requests and demands of member companies, and work on their specific solutions together with related organizations.
    • 3. In order to promote public works related to the development of Kyushu, make focused efforts to communicate Kyushu’s demands to the Japanese government.
    • 4. In order to help solve issues facing regional public organizations, offer indirect, broad-based support, e.g. attracting companies to Kyushu.
    • 5. Proactively engage in international exchanges, especially with ASEAN and Asian countries, to promote friendship and economic cooperation.
    • 6. Any achievements through the activities of Kyukeiren will be communicated to its members through serial and special publications, while specific themes will be given various investigations/studies and be reported in documents and reports.
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