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Committee on Transportation

This committee is working to enhance the social infrastructure that contributes to industrial development and the integrated development of Kyushu by taking advantage of Kyushu's proximity to Asia. We are improving on the functionality of Kyushu as a gateway to Asia and advocating the development of a circulating high-speed transportation network.

Chair: Takujiro Mori, President, The Juhachi-Shinwa Bank, Ltd.

Committee on Energy Resources and Environment

In order for Kyushu to achieve a world class level of sustainable clean energy, we are developing a system for the effective utilization of renewable energy. We will contribute to economic growth by establishing a system for obtaining financing and building an environmentally advanced model that takes the demand side into account.

Chair: Michiaki Uriu, Chairperson, Kyushu Electric Power Company, Inc.

Committee on Promoting Industry and Digital Transformation

In order to realize the "Kyushu Future Vision" (goals we have set to achieve by 2030), we aim to create an advanced model for the regional economy. We wish to foster and support sustainable industries and solve regional issues in Kyushu by promoting innovation, productivity improvement, and high added value through industry-academia-government collaboration.

Chair: Junji Tsuda, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

With a view to further digital transformation and bring about a data-driven society, we will promote cyber security measures, develop human resources that contribute to industrial development, solve problems through using information and communications technology, and support regional informatization.

Chair: Masahiro Kajiwara, Vice President, Kyushu Branch, Senior Vice President, NTT West Corporation

Committee on Tourism

In light of the changes in the tourism environment due to COVID-19, we are working to strengthen the foundation of the industry so that it can flexibly respond to unpredictable situational changes. With an eye on the future of Kyushu tourism, we are developing projects unique to the Kyushu Economic Federation with a medium- to long-term perspective, such as creating cycling events and attracting integrated resorts.

Chair: Koji Karaike, Chairman, Kyushu Railway Company

Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery

We aim to increase the income of producers and improve the attractiveness of the primary industries in Kyushu by promoting the export of agricultural, forestry, and marine products and foods to Asia and other regions. We are expanding sales channels through local production for local consumption projects and advocating efforts to use smart technologies such as IoT and AI to reduce workloads and improve productivity, thereby achieving sustainable development.

Chair: Nobuya Hirano, Chairman, The Miyazaki Bank, Ltd.

Committee on International Affairs

In order for Kyushu to stay relevant against the rapid growth of other countries particularly in Asia, the MOUs we have concluded with international government agencies and economic organizations in 11 countries/regions will be utilized to improve the environment for Kyushu's SMEs to develop overseas business, attract investment into Japan, and strengthen networks with other countries.

Chair: Madoka Kitamura, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board, TOTO Ltd.

Committee on Administration and Finance

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the region and revitalize the local economy, we will promote the construction of a smart city model, make proposals for regional development, and address various issues related to public administration and finances.

Chair: Hideyuki Murakami, President, The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd.

Committee on Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

With the aim of creating an environment where people of all backgrounds can take on challenges and grow together toward the realization of an inclusive society, we encourage companies to make use of diverse human resources and work styles.

Chairman: Motohiro Kamimura, Chairman, The Kagoshima Bank, Ltd.

Committee on Kanmon Cooperation

With a focus on strengthening ties between Kyushu and Honshu and promoting the integrated development of the Kanmon region, our committee will hold conventions to facilitate and hasten the progress of the Shimonoseki-Kitakyushu Road, as well as petition the government and research strategies for regional development. (Joint committee with Chugoku Economic Federation.)

Chair: Ichinari Kouda, President, The Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd.

Regional Committees

Committees in each region conduct research on various issues related to their industrial economy. The results from each area are used to petition the government to resolve issues on their behalf, and are reflected in our overall activities.
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